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Scaling in the API Economy


Adam DuVander Developer Communications Director @ Sendgrid


Adam DuVander speaks fluent "developer" while serving as Developer Communications Director at SendGrid. He helps the email infrastructure company connect to coders of all stripes. Previously he spent four years as a writer, editor and analyst for ProgrammableWeb, the leading resource for APIs and the web as a platform. As Executive Editor, he grew a team to find, curate and profile the directory's growth to 9,000 APIs.

Adam Wiggins Hacker & Entrepreneur. Co-founder @ Heroku


Adam Wiggins is a hacker and entrepeneur, best known for cofounding Heroku. He's also the author of and an advocate for programming literacy and hackability. Right now he's in Berlin, working European startups and writing about his experiences (

André Oliveira Innovation Project Manager @ ISA

André Oliveira background in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering and developed work in the areas of next generation telecommunication networks, energy efficiency solutions and ubiquitous platforms for smart-cities and smart-tourism. Currently works for ISA as innovation project manager, participating on several european R&D projects about energy efficiency and smart-cities, where CitySDK project is included, contributing to the platform architecture definition, smart-tourism platform definition/implementation and to the smart-participation replication pilot in Lisbon.

Andreas Krohn Co-founder @ Nordic APIs


Andreas Krohn is the co-founder of the Nordic APIs conferences and a frequent speaker on the subject of APIs. He works an API Specialist at Dopter where does consulting for major companies and government organisations such both in and outside Sweden. A firm believer in pragmatic solutions. Find out more about Andreas at LinkedIn, Twitter (@andreaskrohn) and (his Swedish language API blog).

Andrew Noonan Developer Evangelist @ Gnip


Andrew is the Developer Evangelist for Gnip's social media APIs. Having started with Gnip as a Software Engineer he has intimate knowledge with their applications and APIs. He enjoys hacking, skiing and growing mustaches.

Andy Jones Technical Director EMEA @ SOA Software

Andy Jones has more than twenty five years experience working with distributed systems and the problems of integration, efficient and productive IT processes and enterprise architecture. With proven innovation in processing systems, a pioneering role in the adoption of internet technologies for B2B integration and more recently, a close interest in how business value is realized from middleware and architecture initiatives, Andy now leads the SOA Software technical team acrose EMEA to promote the widespread adoption of enterprise class API Management solutions that allow organization to really take advantage of the API economy.

Anselme Jalon Data/ API specialist @ FABERNOBEL


Anselme has been working with FABERNOVEL since September 2012. As a Project Analyst, he works on strategic recommendations during the launch phase of projects, as well as on designing services and their monetization. 

Bert Spaan Software Developer @


Bert Spaan is a software developer and GIS specialist, working mainly on open data related projects. Bert studied computer science at Eindhoven University of Technology and Utrecht University where he specialized in computational geometry and data science, and studied cartography at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Bert graduated on research done at the map development team at TomTom, Amsterdam. Bert's interactive map of all buildings in The Netherlands gained international coverage in 2013.

Brian Koles Business Development Director @ ChallengePost


Brian Koles is the Business Development Director at ChallengePost - a platform and community for growing developer ecosystems though online software competitions and in-person hackathons. He frequently writes about APIs and developer engagement best practices for Programmable Web, ReadWriteWeb and the ChallengePost resource center. Prior to ChallengePost, Brian was a founding employee at cloud VoIP provider Vocalocity, and President of GreenTechBuyer.

Bruno Pedro CTO @ CloudWork


Bruno Pedro is a Web and Business developer with over fifteen years’ experience in both startups and large corporations. He’s the CTO of CloudWork, an integration PaaS that lets companies connect their business apps to automate key tasks and processes. He’s also the editor of API UX, a collaborative blog about API User Experience.

Carlos Kuchkovsky Jimenez BBVA @ Open Platform Chief

Currently, Carlos is holding the position of Open Platform Chief at BBVA, Co-Organizer of and Co-founder of His career started in the world of gaming as a mobile game developer, that afterwards led to the dark side as mobile technology consultant working for financial institutions, mobile operators and big retail companies for two years. In the past six years he has been working at BBVA, developing new mobile applications, social networks, cloud and big data architecture and applications. His focus in the past two years has been on the development of all necessary aspects for the BBVA Open Platform launch to the world.

Colin Marc Developer @ Stripe


Colin Marc is a developer at Stripe, where he’s recently been spending his building analytics and modeling infrastructure. Besides programming all the things, Colin is also interested in Tuvan throat-singing and iambic tetrameter.

D Keith Casey Jr API Designer @


Keith Casey, a recovering Developer Evangelist for Twilio, currently serves as an API Designer working to make APIs more consistent, easier, and help solve real world problems. In his spare time, he is a core contributor to web2project, works to build and support the Austin technology community, blogs occasionally at and is completely fascinated by monkeys. He's also the author of the book "A Practical Approach to API Design" from Leanpub: 

Daniel Feist Architect @ Mulesoft


Daniel Feist is a software architect at MuleSoft and works on the core of Mule ESB, the most widely used open-source ESB. Daniel is focused on making enterprise integration easy, the core driver for Mule 3. Previous to MuleSoft, Daniel worked as a developer and architect on a number of financial/insurance projects at other companies. Daniel holds a Master's degree is Systems Engineering from Warwick University, UK.

Dave Nugent Developer @ PubNub


Dave is a JavaScript developer in San Francisco, running the SF JavaScript Meetup and coding JavaScript full time. Dave also is an advisor at WeWork Labs SF and co-organized the Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 HTML5 Developer Conferences.

David Garry Co-founder & CTO @ Nomos Software


David is co-founder and CTO of Nomos Software, and a long-time developer. David is the technical architect of a framework for delivering self-service technical support in the banking industry. The technical support solutions are used by IT teams in 45 countries. David is experienced with ISO 20022 and FpML financial XML, and with SOAP and REST APIs.

David Haskiya Product Development Manager @ Europeana


David Haskiya is the Product Development Manager at Europeana. His main focus is leading Europeana's Product Development and Web teams in researching, designing and implementing products that match and support Europeana's business goals.

Erik Michaels-Ober Developer Evangelist @ SoundCloud


Erik Michaels-Ober is the developer evangelist at SoundCloud. He was previously a Code for America fellow and co-founder of 140 Proof, a company that offers monetization to developers as a RESTful web service. He recently moved to Berlin, where he lives when not attending a conference or hackathon.

Eva Sjokvist Product Owner @ Absolut Vodka


Eva Sjökvist is a digital native and the product owner of drink related technical assets and permanent platforms at Absolut Vodka. This means that her focus is to create great assets around drink communication and making sure they are accessible for developers and users. 

Fokke Zandbergen Developer Advocate @ Appcelerator


Based in The Netherlands, Fokke is an active contributor to the international Titanium community. As a Titan he's a developer advocate of Appcelerator's tools for cross-platform native app development. He co-leads the Dutch user group in Amsterdam, is a certified instructor and likes to speak from what he learns building apps himself as a freelancer.

Frank Kresin Research Director @ Waag Society


Frank Kresin is Research Director at Waag Society, institute for Arts, Science and Technology, based in Amsterdam. Waag Society develops and researches creative technology for social innovation, putting people and their needs at the center. It involves artists, scientists and entrepreneurs in early stages to come up with truly useable systems and services. Frank’s background is in Artificial Intelligence and film making, and his interest is in developing technology for societal goals. He was involved at the start of many international innovation programmes, amongst them Apps for Europe, City SDK, CineGrid Amsterdam and Code 4 Europe. Frank has spoken, written and lectured on Smart Citizens, Open Innovation, Open Data & Open Design, Users-as-Designers, Living Labs and Fablabs. He is a regular moderator at the PICNIC Festival, as well as at design and innovation workshops in the Netherlands and abroad.

Geert Monsieur Lecturer, EU project leader and postdoctoral researcher @ Tilburg University


Dr. Geert Monsieur is a postdoctoral researcher at the European Research Institute in Service Science (ERISS), a lecturer at Tilburg University (The Netherlands) and a guest lecturer at KU Leuven (Belgium). He holds a master and PhD degree in computer science from KU Leuven. His research interests include Smart City Services, Cloud Computing, Service Oriented Arhitectures (SOAs), Business Process Management (BPM) and Model-driven Architecture (MDA). At ERISS he is responsible for EU projects on cloud services (i.e. 4CaaSt) and smart city services (i.e. CitySDK).

Gerben Mak Innovation Manager at Rabobank @ Rabobank


Gerben is a business innovator at the heart, an entrepreneur and independent management consultant, with a passion for digital innovation and marketing. He has held several innovation management positions at KPN, Logica and in some of his own ventures, and has worked for Rabobank in various digital innovation programs such as mobile, online and adaptive IT.

Gordon Hollingworth Director of Software @ Raspberry Pi

Gordon is the Director of Engineering at Raspberry Pi in the UK - currently the worlds fastest growing computer company. Raspberry Pi's vision started in 2006 with the idea to provide radically cheaper computing for kids and has rapidly evolved into providing radically cheaper computing for everybody. Pi's are now used in all sorts of applications from standard desktop computing to embedded systems.  Previous senior engineering manager at Broadcom, Gordon leads the Software and Networking effort at Raspberry Pi.

Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts Project Manager @ Helsinki, Forum Virium


Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts started at Forum Virium Helsinki in January 2012. She works as a Project Manager in the CitySDK project, funded by the European Union. Hanna is responsible for a work package and pilot project focused on developing Helsinki city’s tools to get feedback from the residents. The pilot project is operated in close co-operation with the city of Helsinki, Sanoma Kaupunkilehdet and Finnish application developers.

Isabelle Mauny Director of Product Management @ WSO2


Isabelle Mauny joined WSO2 as Director of Product Management in early 2012 - She has nearly 20 years of technology, consulting and management experience in Java, application development, middleware, and service-oriented architecture (SOA). Isabelle regularly participates in WSO2 QuickStart programs and services engagements. Isabelle has been a regular speaker at international conferences and delivered numerous training sessions. She also has co-authored several publications.

Ismail Chaib COO @ Open Bank Project


Ismail Chaib is the COO of the Open Bank Project , an open source API for banks. As such, he has been promoting the use of APIs in the financial service industry for more than three years.
He previously co-founded the award-winning startup SMSBridge. Ismail graduated from the National School of Computer Science (ESI) in Algiers, Algeria. 

Ismail Elshareef @ Edmunds API


Ismail Elshareef has been running the Edmunds API and Open Platform for the past three years. Before that, he ran Edmunds' Front-End Engineering department where he focused on building a team rooted in best practices, modularity and portability of CSS, Javascript and HTML code. Ismail is frequent speaker on topics of Learn Startup in the Enterprise, API Strategy and Innovation. When he's not coding or evangelizing the Edmunds API, he likes hiking, cycling, reading and traveling.

Jaakko Rajaniemi Software Developer @ City of Helsinki


Jaakko Rajaniemi works for City of Helsinki where he has been developing a citizen engagement and feedback management system. His main responsibility has been development of the open interface for developers to build new applications. The most important open interface has been the new Open311 –interface. Jaakko aims to make Helsinki the best city for developers and startups to build services with the newly launched “Helsinki loves developers” –program and  developer website. He is also participating European CitySDK project which aims to make the developer life easier by harmonization of the open interfaces between cities in Europe. Jaakko is not only an open data and API evangelist, but he also tries to eat his own dog food and develop mobile and web apps himself. Earlier he has also organized Apps4Finland open data competition and worked on mobile industry.

Jamie Parkins Product Manager @ JustGiving


Jamie Parkins is the Consumer API Product Manager at JustGiving. He specialises in developing the services and technologies that enable charities, agencies and a growing community of developers to build applications that utilise JustGiving's fundraising technologies. In the last year he has worked with the likes of Cancer Research UK, MacMillan, Marie Curie and Oxfam as well as partners like Audi, SalesForce and Active to ensure that giving, fundraising and the management of customer data can be harnessed from anywhere online. Prior to JustGiving, Jamie spent 8 years at eBay UK and then left to set up a - a video streaming start up for the business sector.

Jeff Hadfield CXO @ Developer Media


Jeff has 25 years technology publishing experience. He currently works to help businesses understand and reach developers better as CXO of Developer Media. Whether the company's a multinational concern or a small startup, odds are that developers will be important to their future. He helps businesses of all sizes understand this unique, technical audience -- and how to influence and serve this highly influential audience. His unique blend of publishing experience, technical knowledge and practical, prescriptive advice has made him the go-to expert adviser for hundreds of clients.

John Sheehan Co-founder & CEO @


John is an API fanatic with over 15 years of experience working in a wide variety of IT and software development roles. As an early employee at Twilio, John lead the developer evangelism program and worked as a Product Manager for Developer Experience. After Twilio, John was Platform Lead at IFTTT working with API providers to create new channels. John is also the creator of RestSharp, API Digest, API Jobs and co-host of Traffic and Weather, an API and cloud podcast.

Jonathan Bourguignon Co-founder @ Reelstorm and


Jonathan is the cofounder of Reelstorm and He's also a code dabbler, a former economy consultant, and spends the rest of the time making films. This unusual blend often leads him to tell stories about the evolution of technology and its social impact, and rave about the future of the programmable web.

Jonathan Carter Co-Founder & CTO @ Glimworm

After more than 10 years of innovative experience Jonathan was asked to join CMG's prestigious Advanced Technology Department consulting for blue chip companies. Eventually, he shifted his attention to new media and created Glimworm, bringing his talents to the world of web development. With nearly 30 years in the industry his list of accomplishments is huge including everything from project management to robot building and he continues to keep on top of new developments by constantly evaluating emerging technologies.

Kat Borlongan Co-founder @ Five by Five


Kat Borlongan is an open data enthusiast with many different hats. Currently, she is the co-founder of the Paris-based open data agency Five by Five and directs the Open Data Institute Paris. She also serves as an advisor to the French government as a member of its open data expert network. Prior to this, she worked as a public affairs consultant to the International Civil Aviation Organization and as the Country Director of Reporters Sans Frontières’ Canadian bureau. As a merit scholar of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kat completed her undergraduate degree in Political Science at the Institut d’Études Politiques de Bordeaux. She also holds a master’s degree in Communication Studies from McGill University.

Katalin Gallyas Open Innovation Policy Advisor @ City of Amsterdam


Responsible for the Open Data and Open Innovation program in  several EU projects and for the local embedding in Amsterdam. Widely supporting the concept of an open innovation ecosystem with the intersection of app developers, innovation agencies, start up accelerators and policy makers, urban planners, smart city representatives. Local project leader of 3 EU projects from 2011 on related to open source app development, interoperable ICT smart toolkits and civic app repositories and commons. Recently involved with setting up new Horizon2020 projects on Open Data, Open Innovation. Actively lobbying for an interactive, participatory and transformative local government that will leverage on the emerging ICT technologies, social media and publicly oriented promising talents. Working in EUROCITIES Open Data and Smart Cities Working Group as Steering Committee Memeber and Co-Chair from 2014. 

Ken Wronkiewicz Technical Leader @ Rackspace


Ken is an API designer, technical leader, and hacker of high-performance and complex systems at Rackspace in San Francisco working on the Open Cloud.  At Rackspace, he's helped get Rackspace Auto Scale and Cloud Monitoring get out the door, as well as facilitating OpenStack design discussions and also helping build the award-winning bike culture in the office.  Previously, he worked on plumbing high-volume stock data for financial APIs.

Kin Lane API Evangelist @ API Evangelist


My name is Kin Lane and I am a technology professional with an obsession for Application Programming Interfaces or APIs. API Evangelist, Tech Gypsy, Open Data, Gov Hacker and Father.

Kirsten Hunter API Ninja @ 3scale


Kirsten Hunter is an unapologetic hacker and passionate advocate for the development community. Her technical interests range from graph databases to cloud services, and her experience supporting and evangelizing REST APIs has given her a unique perspective on developer success. In her copious free time she's a gamer, fantasy reader, and all around rabble-rouser. Code samples, recipes, and philosophical musings can be found on her blog, Princess Polymath.

Laura Heritage Principal Consultant @ SOA Software


Laura Heritage is a Principle Consultant specializing in enterprise API platforms for SOA Software.   As an IBM Certified IT Specialist, she has in-depth knowledge of APIs and SOA, and has architected and developed numerous SOA solutions.  Laura is now helping those customers take their SOA to the next level by utilizing APIs to reach new channels and establish dynamic mobile foundations.

Lorinda Brandon Technical Marketing Consultant @


Lorinda is a software development veteran who has been molding software with APIs since before they were popular conference topics. She has worked at some of the leading software companies including Mashery (an Intel company), SmartBear Software, Kayak, EMC, and Intuit. She is passionate about the capabilities and innovation in this new connected world and the IoT. You can follow her on Twitter at @lindybrandon.

Lorna Mitchell Web Developer Consultant @ Lorna Mitchell


Lorna is a web development consultant and author based in Leeds, UK. Her books include "PHP Master", "PHP Web Services" and "N Ways To Be A Better Developer", and she loves to write for other outlets such as netmagazine and her own blog When she's not writing either code or words for a living, Lorna leads the Joind.In open source project; a tool to enable communities to give real-time, public feedback to speakers and organisers of events. Lorna has spoken at events around the world giving both keynotes and technical talks and is also active as a mentor with

Luis Borges Quina Co-founder @ Apidaze


Luis Borges Quina is a serial entrepreneur and the driving force behind Apidaze. For more info:

Lukas Linhart CTO @ Apiary


Lukas is CTO at Apiary where he tries to change the way APIs are developed. He focuses on developer experience and his work is about removing friction.

Maarten Brinkerink Project Manager @ R&D department of the NL Institute for Sound and Vision


Maarten Brinkerink (1983) is a new media expert, musician/songwriter and open content enthusiast. He holds an MA in New Media and Digital Culture and specializes in providing meaningful access to cultural content using new media.

Maarten works as a project manager at the R&D department of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. At Sound and Vision he manages innovative projects that explore the value of open access, open web technology and audience participation for the cultural heritage sector.

Marc Pous Founder @ theThings.IO


Marc Pous is the founder of theThings.IO []. theThings.IO is the social network of the Internet of Things. He has been involved during the last 6 years in research centers leading the technical activities in research projects related with Smart Cities and the Internet of Things. Marc organizes the Internet of Things (IoT) Barcelona meetup community and co-organizes the IoT Munich community. He spoke at the IoT meetups in London, Berlin, Buenos Aires and Zurich. 

Marco Herbst Founder and CEO @


Founder and CEO of Evercam - The developer platform for Cameras which has enormous potential to disrupt how cameras are used and developed for, changing how we currently think of “Security Cameras”, opening up opportunities for developers and new applications. Marco Herbst is also the founder of, Ireland’s leading Jobs Board, and the Malaria Museum based in Dublin, Ireland.

Mark O'Neill VP Innovation @ Axway


Mark O'Neill is VP Innovation at Axway. Mark co-founded Vordel, a leading API Management and SOA Security vendor, which was acquired by Axway in 2012. He is author of the book “Web Services Security” and a frequent speaker and blogger on security and integration topics. Mark is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Markus Lanthaler W3C Invited Expert & Researcher @ Graz University of Technology


Markus Lanthaler is a researcher at the Graz University of Technology. He started programming at the age of 9 and over the years he has been programming almost everything from microcontrollers on smart cards (in assembler) up to large-scale distributed systems. More recently Markus’ focus shifted to Web APIs and Linked Data. He is one of the core designers of JSON-LD, the inventor of Hydra, and a W3C Invited Expert.

Matthew Reinbold Senior Software Engineer @ JustFab


Matthew Reinbold is Senior Software Engineer of Enterprise APIs at JustFab's APIs enable the fashion subscription e-commerce for 35 million members worldwide. Prior to that he was technical director of API development at Placewise Media, architecting the infrastructure simultaneously powering more than 150 Android and IOS native applications. A former user group leader and frequent speaker, Matthew resides in Denver, CO.

Matti Hjelm SoapUI Product Manager @ SmartBear

Matti Hjelm has 30 years of experience in programming, evolving with various roles as requirements manager, test manager and team coach. In 2001, he founded Agile Sweden, a network of Agilists learning and teaching Agile values and principles, managing the organization for a decade. He has arranged and participated in numerous seminars, workshops and conferences including the highly regarded “Agila Sverige” conference. He is currently Product Owner of SoapUI at SmartBear in Sweden. SoapUI is the world’s most used API testing tool with five million downloads and one million active users. Previously, he was Founder, IT Consultant, Agile Coach and Developer at Agero, an IT consulting firm helping clients to create rapid changes within its operations.

Mehdi Medjaoui Co-founder @ &


Mehdi believes that APIs are the future of software. Mehdi co-founded and, tools for developers to integrate and maintain APIs easily into their web and mobile apps because he thinks that keeping trust is the main challenge for the data world and the API economy.

Michael Stephanblome CEO & Co-founder @ Bondable


Michael Stephanblome is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of Bondable, a SaaS integration platform. Michael co-founded his last company AdJug (acquired by Dentsu Inc. in 2011) and served as its Chief Executive Officer from 2007-2011. Before founding AdJug, Michael was the Managing Director of and was eBay's Marketing Director in Germany for over three years. He has worked in Internet businesses since 1996. Michael holds a Master of Business from Cologne University and a BA in Journalism from Cologne School of Journalism.

Michael Vakulenko Mobile Ecosystems Lead @ VisionMobile


As a mobile strategist, Michael has over 18 years experience in mobile Internet and telecom. Michael started his involvement in mobile in Qualcomm in 90s working on first experimental 3G systems. Later on Michael was part of several startups in the US and Israel. At VisionMobile Michael works at the cross section of business models, innovation economics and technology where he leads strategy practice for mobile ecosystems. Michael's broad experience spans software and developer-driven business models, developer ecosystems, mobile services, telecom networks, smartphone platforms and wireless chipsets

Michele Titolo iOS Engineer @ Self


Michele Titolo is a software engineer who ships and shapes great products. She has spent the last 3 years consulting, specifically helping companies go mobile, and has released over a dozen apps to the AppStore. She is a Lead Engineer who has grown and mentored development teams to success. She is also CTO and Board Member for Women Who Code, and a Core Team Member of CocoaPods, the Objective-C library dependency manager.

Mike Amundsen API Architecht @ Layer 7


As Principal API architect at CA / Layer 7, Amundsen heads up the API Architecture and Design Practice in North America. He is responsible for helping companies to capitalize on the myriad opportunities APIs present to both consumers and the enterprise. He's an internationally recognized industry expert on distributed network architecture, Web development, cloud computing and more. He has authored numerous books and papers over the last 15 years. His latest book (with Leonard Richardson) is "RESTful Web APIs". His “Building Hypermedia APIs with HTML5 and Node" (2011) is an oft-cited reference.

Nico Schoonderwoerd Co-founder @ PeerReach


Nico Schoonderwoerd is a physicist and also worked as a risk manager in the banking world. Editing trays full of digital data and innovativeness were taking his motives. With multiple online businesses losing passion for data and innovation now loose on the world of social media with PeerReach.

Ole Lensmar CTO @ SmartBear Software


Ole Lensmar currently works as CTO at SmartBear Software, a leading provider of quality and performance management solutions used by more than one million software development and operations professionals worldwide. He is the co-founder of eviware software which joined forces with SmartBear in 2011, and the creator of SoapUI, the most used API testing tool in the world. Living his passion for quality and software development he frequently speaks about APIs and testing at corresponding conferences and currently spends his time on long flights by contemplating which effect IoT and asynchronous protocols will have on APIs and testing in general.

Owen Garrett Product Manager @ NGINX


Owen manages product direction for one of the most successful ever open-source internet infrastructure components, the NGINX web server and proxy. Used by web giants such as Netflix and Wordpress, and CDNs such as Cloudflare, NGINX consistently delivers reliability and scalability to transform the performance of HTTP-based services. Prior to Nginx, Owen lead product direction for the application delivery arm of Riverbed and Zeus Technology.

Paul Hopton Chief Engineer @ relayr


Paul Hopton is Chief Engineer ar relayr, a Berlin-based startup who are building a Platform for the internet of things. After successfully crowdfunding the Wunderbar - a Starter kit for IoT built for App Developers, Paul is now looking to lower the barriers for developers wanting to connect to the ever-growing variety of smart devices and connected sensors.

Paul Murphy CEO @ Op3nvoice


Paul's work life has been API-driven from the start, long before comms protocols and data encodings were called APIs. His first boss was one of the inventors of SLIP (Serial Line IP), which was used to network some of the earliest machines on the Internet. This was the dawn of Unix when nobody could agree on anything. Luckily most people were happy with ASCII and pipes, so Unix utilities got a chance to change the world. A few years later he rebelled against CORBA, and championed less stringent alternatives. It was during this period that CERN released its first HTML browser, and the world changed again. Since then, Paul has been lucky enough to see a lot of different protocols, and a lot of data encodings. He's not thrilled by the REST orthodoxy, but thinks it's better than the alternative chaos. Paul is now CEO at OP3Nvoice, a platform company dedicated to making the many dimensions of audio and video files accessible to programmers everywhere.

Paul Wright Software Engineer @ Etsy


Paul Wright is a software engineer in the infrastructure group at Etsy in Brooklyn, NY. He's recently been involved with the design and development of the new Etsy API framework aimed at both internal and external consumers.

Phil Leggetter Dev Evangelist @ Caplin Systems


Phil Leggetter a Dev Evangelist at Caplin Systems where he's part of the team open sourcing BladeRunnerJS. He's the co-author of the APress title "Realtime Web Apps" and writes articles for Smashing Magazine, .net magazine, Programmable Web, on his own blog and anywhere else he gets an opportunity to create content. Phil's passions include developer experience and productivity, APIs, customer service and helping others realise the benefits realtime web technologies offer when creating the next generation of interactive and engaging web apps.

Philip De Smedt Co-founder @ Compete Hub


Philip De Smedt is a freelance full-stack developer and co-founder of Compete Hub, the definitive database of all endurance races. His main focus is on API Driven Development using Rails and AngularJS. Philip is also the author of Upgrade to Rails 4, a step-by-step guide on upgrading your Rails 3 application to Rails 4. He is a Bitcoin and Dogecoin advocate and has spoken at multiple user groups on Rails and Cryptocurrencies. When he's not coding or creating products, he likes to cycle, read books or go for a run.

Philippe Sultan Co-founder & CTO @ Apidaze


Philippe is the Co-Founder and CTO of R3LOAD, the publisher of Philippe has over 12 years of experience in network architecture, computer programming and unified communications. Previously, he had been working at INRIA (a French computer science institute) as a network/voice engineer where he developed and maintained unified communications applications based on opensource softwares (Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, Kamailio, ejabberd, Red5). Philippe is an opensource software enthusiast and contributor. 

Pieter Colpaert Researcher @ Open Knowledge Foundation


Pieter Colpaert is a researcher in Linked Open Data at Ghent University. He believes a lot of frustration today is caused by data not being accessible (e.g., when does my train leave, how long do I have to queue, where does my money go). He co-founded the Belgian chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) which he is still chairing and coordinates the open transport working group at OKF Central. He started a project called The DataTank to make it easier for local governments to open up their data.

Pooja Capellos Product Manager @ Unibet


Pooja Capellos is the Product Manager of Unibet's OPEN API. Unibet is one of the top online gambling companies in the industry and offers products such as sports betting, online casino and online poker. With a passion for innovation in the digital space, Pooja is currently leading the OPEN API product development and business strategy as the company embarks on this exciting and challenging business change.

Prabath Siriwardena Director of Security Architecture @ WSO2


Prabath Siriwardena is the Director of Security Architecture at WSO2 Inc., a company that produces a wide variety of open source software from data to screen. He is a member of OASIS Identity Metasystem Interoperability (IMI) TC,OASIS eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) TC, OASIS Security Services (SAML) TC, OASIS Identity in the Cloud TC and OASIS Cloud Authorization (CloudAuthZ) TC. Prabath is also a member of Apache Axis PMC and has spoken at numerous international conferences including OSCON, ApacheCon, WSO2Con, EIC, IDentity Next and OSDC. He has more than 9 years industry experience and has worked with many Fortune 100 companies. Recently he authored the book "Enterprise Integration with WSO2 ESB".

Ramesh Raganathan Principal Consultant @ Wipro Technologies


He heads the Integration Consulting practice focusing providing Application integration , SOA and SMAC integration advisory to enterprises. He has close to 17 years of IT experience out of which last 7+years is focused on providing SOA based business and technical solutions. He has advised large enterprises in adoption of SOA by providing advisory services on strategy, road map and reference architectures. He has experience in implementing web based applications for many customers and his current interests are in the area of API Management and Event Driven Architectures. He is also responsible practice development and architecture competency building as part of Integration practice in Wipro.

Renaud Visage Founding Technical Engineer @ Eventbrite

Renaud is the founding technical architect of Eventbrite and is responsible for the internationalization of our platform. Say what?! Basically, the man cooked up Eventbrite’s secret sauce. He built the engine that runs the entire platform. And now he’s revving it and spreading it around the world.

Richard Caudle Platform Evangelist @ Datasift


Rich Caudle was (and still likes to think so!) a developer, but has more recently explored the dark arts of marketing and sales. After a solid stint in the digital agency world, he's now firmly settled in startup land, firsly at Pusher and now at DataSift. His job title is Platform Evangelist, which allows him to do everything from buying milk, to building software, to talking at events.

Ricky Robinett Developer Evangelist @ Twilio


Ricky is a Developer Evangelist at Twilio, hacker and builder of random things. He loves APIs, BBQ and apps that make him laugh. His apps have been covered in multiple media outlets including: CNN, Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Mashable, VentureBeat and the Today Show.

Rix Groenboom Solution Architect @ Parasoft


Rix Groenboom is Solution Architect for Parasoft in the area of testing and virtualization of modern SOA, SaaS and cloud-based architectures. He has written a large number of technical articles and presented on many IT industry conferences in Europe and the USA. His core area of expertise is specification, design and validation of software applications. He holds a MSc and PhD in Computing Science from the University of Groningen and published a thesis focusing on the formalization of domain knowledge.

Rob Zazueta Director of Platform @ Mashery


Rob provides API strategy consulting for enterprise level businesses on behalf of Mashery. He has more than 15 years of Web development experience, three years as an independent business owner and more than two years in business development and technical sales support. He was also the founder/owner of TechKnowMe, helping small businesses develop their online presence and online marketing programs. He also has held various management, developer and engineering roles at companies such as VerticalResponse, Intuit, The Academy of Art College and MightyWords Inc. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of California at Berkeley.

Robin Hawkes Head of Developer Relations @ Pusher


Robin thrives on solving problems through code. He's a Digital Tinkerer, Head of Dev Relations at Pusher, former Evangelist at Mozilla, book author, and a Brit.

Robin Wauters Founding Editor @


I'm a seasoned, multi-lingual technology journalist and wearer of many other hats. I'm the founding editor of, a new digital publication dedicated to covering the European tech industry in depth - with a number of amazing people by my side. I was formerly European Editor of global technology news site The Next Web, and before that a senior editor at TechCrunch (acquired by AOL in 2010) and managing editor of

Romain Huet Developer Advocate @ Twitter


Romain Huet is a French Software Engineer and Entrepreneur. As a Developer Advocate at Twitter, Romain is focused on driving success and adoption of the Twitter Platform & APIs as well as being the face of the developer community in Europe. Previously, he was the co-founder and CTO of Jolicloud, a new computing platform designed for the cloud, and built the first operating system based on Linux, Chromium, and dozens of APIs. Romain is passionate about JavaScript, Node, HTML5, Web Browsers and the Open Web Platform.

Ruben Verborgh Researcher in Semantic Hypermedia @ Ghent University


Ruben Verborgh is a researcher in semantic hypermedia at Ghent University – iMinds, Belgium. He explores the connection between Semantic Web technologies and the Web's architectural properties, with the ultimate goal of building more intelligent clients. Along the way, he's been fascinated by Linked Data, REST/hypermedia, Web APIs, and much more. He's currently visiting Trinity College Dublin to learn about personalized content adaptation on the Web.

Sid Bhatia Program Director, API Economy Product Mgmt @ IBM


Sid Bhatia is an integration technology enthusiast who is fascinated by the human element of software engineering. He currently leads product management for the IBM API Management product, which enables businesses to easily create, control, secure, publish and monitor APIs, extending their brand reach to a developer ecosystem. Previously, Sid led product management for IBM's DataPower gateway appliances. Prior to joining IBM, Sid led the roll-out of large-scale API & SOA foundations at companies including Charles Schwab & Accenture. He has an M.B.A. & a Master's degree in Software Engineering, and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Stefan Rust Founder & CEO @ Exicon


Stefan is also the Chairman Emeritus of MEF and was elected top 50 Global Mobile Entertainment Executive. He played key roles in Corporate Development and Strategic Marketing during 7 years at Sun Microsystems Inc. in Mobile, Web 2.0 and Communication Industries. As founding member of Xin De Telecom, Stefan drove Marketing & Sales for the mobile business until it’s sale to China Unicom.

Steven Willmott CEO @ 3scale


Steven was previously the research director of one of the leading European research groups in Europe on distributed systems and Artificial Intelligence at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain. He brings 10 years of technical experience in Web Services, Semantic Web, network technology and the management of large-scale international R&D teams.

Sumit Sharma Director @ Mulesoft


Chief Bottle Washer for all things around MuleSoft's go to market strategy and tactics around APIs. Also responsible for ProgrammableWeb - the world's leading API blog/media/content site. Previously responsible for the creation of APIhub which is now part of the Anypoint platform for APIs.

Tim Haysom Developer Marketing Manager @ GSMA


Tim Haysom is Developer Marketing Manager at GSMA. He leads the developer-facing go-to-market strategy for Network APIs (GSMA OneAPI). This involves API and technology co-evolution with developers, as well as establishing strategic partnership between developers and mobile network operators. He was previously the CMO of the OMTP industry consortium and an independent consultant.

Toby Sims Developer Relations @ Pearson


Constant technology dabbler, connector of people. Inspired by big ideas, small ideas that should be bigger ideas and the people for whom the word 'challenge' is a positive thing. Also a passion for good wine, martial arts and the outdoors.

Tony Blank Developer Evangelist @ Context.IO


Previously, Tony worked as an audio engineer in Atlanta, had a short-lived, ill-advised stint in marketing, and built a data center in South Carolina for Google. He's filled in the gaps playing music in various dark and smoky drinking establishments. His spare time is filled up with hacking interesting and worthy projects. Currently, he enjoys telling developers about Context.IO and helping build killer apps on top of email.

Toralf Richter Senior Manager Engineering @ Tom Tom Business Solution


Toralf Richter is the Senior Manager Engineering for the WEBFLEET® SaaS platform of TomTom Business Solutions (the B2B fleet telematics unit of TomTom), managing and guiding the engineering teams in the process platform innovation and evolution all platform aspects as UIs, APIs, and core data crunching in-line with product roadmap. He has technical background in platform engineering, high-throughput & near-time data processing, and SOA and API engineering, as well as rich experience with API user eco-systems of hardware, software partners, and master reselling partners. Toralf Richter is a passionate maker of platforms and advocate of connecting them through APIs.

Travis Spencer CEO @ Twobo Technologies


Travis Spencer, CEO of Twobo Technologies, has worked extensively with organizations in various industries in the US, Europe, and elsewhere who are adopting cloud computing, social networking, and mobile computing. His broad market exposure coupled with his business acumen and background in application development allows him to help organizations with low-level technical issues as well high-level questions. His deep knowledge of established and emerging technologies allows him to speak authoritatively on matters such as BYOD, COPE, cloud adoption, secure integration of social media, secure APIs, and more. 

Tyler Singletary Director of Platform @ Klout


Tyler Singletary is the Director of Platform and the Relevance Product Manager at Klout, managing the data innovation, API and channel distribution platform of leading social influence data to thousands of clients and applications. He balances complex partnerships with data suppliers, distributors and platform integrations while developing new data products leveraging influence in the enterprise and beyond.

Zachary Drillings Senior Software Engineer @ AppNexus

Zach Drillings is a Senior Software Engineer at AppNexus, a fast growing Advertising Technology company in NYC. He's spent the last two years scaling an API platform to keep the business humming and has a deep interest in flexible, testable designs that drive value for customers.